Wednesday, December 31, 2008

welcome 2k9....but wats difrnt than 2008

as the day ends,
new year comes with ,its full charm
but today think upon
how much u hav gaind,how much spend
in the year which gonna end!

how much resolutins did u break,
and in wat u get a ravishing break,
how many hands cam fr ur sprt,
how many hav u to hold,

not to b a pessimist
stil wana remind
sun wil rise in its fix time
24 hrs wont xceed
and how cd u say ,this year u gona succeed

change urself the time pass
coz this year is also gona pass

wish othrs a merry day
bt stop wishing tat u 39+ so gna marry tday
coz yers chngin..bringing luky chram

wanna remind
years passing teling!!
othr too also nt gna last long
so plan up
as long as u live

some mit hav last year of life
and some gna get new life!
but finally
chnge ur calendar
welcome 2009

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