Friday, June 25, 2010

Cold NiGHT

Lying on my lap,
For the First time you were so quiet!
I took your hands... And you didnt smiled...
baby ITs too numb,
I dont want you this way!

I Tried to touch your lips,
but my tears rolled down your cheeks so fast!
I could'nt move, baby i missed your spark!
See I dont want you this way

IT has been so beautiful, and its all i wanna say!
you lying on my lap, with smile on ur face!
I used to enjoy! ur curls..and
way they give me trouble..

BAby you know it all...
I loved the way to you,
my eyes used to say it all..

JUSt wish to
Its too numb!
i dont want you this way!

but i know you scared the cold,
So i never..loosen my hold..
I dont know where i went wrong!
Angel..came..and u were gone!
you got cold..and ur play stopped...
i touched you eyes!
bt u were gone!

baby i miss your play!
i wana be quiet,and listen to your talks,all day!
i wana fight with you..and make love to make it again!

all i have to say!
baby its too numb
I dont want you this way!

Search with google ,if you can't find it here.. (google angel helps u)