Sunday, December 28, 2008

In My MINd (a poem about realising your self)

A question always come in my mind
wat u hav done?
dear wat u desire?
'evry step u take ,is nt new
evry path u folow ,has fotprints of few',so dear wats new
wats original
and how u proving ur worth creation.
The aim which u hav in mind,
is it difrnt frm wat othrs desir,Do u thnk of whole wrld?
a question cming in my mind
"u dream to rule,tat is true,bt how wil u put it through?"
A questin come in my mind,
am i human ,or jst givn the name?
the qualties in me ,r the same?m i correct in evry step i take?
Am i gvng my life a prfct make?
A question cm in my mind m i provng my wrth creation?
or jst livng ,without speculating the situatn!!
Are u using ur self to the full?
i think so
this questn haunt u once in ur life too...........
do same questn nt com in mind"wat u hav done
andwat u desire."

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