Friday, August 6, 2010

IT goes on!

That was the time, silence crawled in..
Darkness was prevailing all around....
Shivering toes creeping on the ground
looking for the eyes,that were lost....
Never to be found.....

A blank dream it was..and it went on..
She stumbled..but goes on..
To be lost in woods forever,
Never to be found.....

So soothing was her face..words like enchantments ..full of grace!
no veil to hide fear could touch her...
She was pure as white..
redness splashed her forehead, bangles churrned!

silence was hurdled in the dreams..
cries resonated with the darkness..
And it goes on...

A smile was lost never to be found!
A blank dream..that was her fate forever..
Reason behind, locked in records..
A reason never to be found!

And it goes on...

Monday, August 2, 2010


kabhi karwattein..badalte hain..
kabhi toh khat padhte hain...
guzar gaye jo lamhe...
unhe yaad karte hain..

kabhi aankhon mein akharte hain,,
kabhi hoton pe sajte hain..
behte hai fizzaaon
nagme teri chahat ke...

kabhi us mod chalte hain..
kabhi.. raahein hum takte hain..
manzil toh tum ho....toh
na jaane kyu bhatakte hain..

kabhi.. roshini..kabi andhere se darte hain..
mohaabat toh karte hain..
par..berukhi pe bilakhte hain..
kabhi unhe yaad karte hain..
kabhi yuun bhatakte hain..

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