Thursday, December 18, 2014

The MASALA subcontinent

The MASALA subcontinent

The parliament of my country, India is facing a logjam. The revered members wish to have a debate on issue of DHARAM that is religion conversion. It is again been debated over during television PRIME TIME projecting it as a very intricate issue, effecting life of billions as per their understanding. My mind fails to decipher the age this parliamentarians represent: because are per my understanding we have more serious but less MASALA NEWS inline and waiting to be given due place.
I take pride in being an ASIAN, and love the fact that I am an INDIAN, but my reasons are very different. I was born in the latitude and longitude that gave me privilege of experiencing colors of weather, the diversity of culture and a history that documents philosophy of YOGA and Vaisheshika ( school of philosophy espoused a form of ATOMISM and based on logic).
The present is very disheartening, my neighbors are making statements that are oxymoron: they are talking about good and bad Taliban ( Despite of Black day-16 December Peshawar school mass killing, they are willing to Toss the same planchet coin, not realizing that none among heads or tails will have favorable outcome). Some of my neighbors are still not having established precedents according to which state should be governed.
This again is MASALA only as this is just debated, discussed not remedied. This part of world is least concern about problems we will be facing by the end of century. This may be harsh comment, but I am documenting it with facts stated further.
People in Some parts of this world ( capitalist countries mostly) are worried about feeding the people       ( nutrition in food), changes in climate ( research to handle such changes will be and are funded by those countries , this part of world is contributing in creating impact not in remedy) and clean energy, fuel efficiency, deadly disease like EBOLA, and a lot more…
(As per my opinion we all bear common responsibility to this world, we cannot differentiate it . As when we are connected globally, so are our sins and virtues. )
EBOLA: A deadly disease, at present effecting majorly West African countries.
·         So when any person with this virus will land in India, his samples will travel from any part of country to Pune, for testing and detection.  We have only one lab that can test the presence of virus, with efficiency.  ( many virus get free travels, because we lack testing laboratories and other associated infrastructure)
·         We will be opening new AIMS, but Indians in India are not doing any research on treatment of this or many other deadly viruses ( maybe we had referred charak samhita for some solution, and as we could not find we  discarded it as God’s will )
·         Not this but in past 5 years only Indian drug to be approved for use in India is JENVAC, so if those people in other parts of world will not do any research we will face deadly consequences  ( proving Malthusian theory to be true)
FOOD SHORTAGE: World will reach 9 billion people by end of this century, and this earth has never supported this many human beings. Are we worried about providing food to them:
·         Indians will be contributing significantly in this count, but are we making any arrangements to provide ( and moreover nutritious) food to those people
·         I came across a company BEYOND MEAT, funded by gates foundation, working on synthesizing vegan meat, taking care of nutrition requirement and also quantity of food required. (we will be needing their service, we will be consumer, no supplier/developer in India)
·         Our culture includes our climate, our sacred grooves, our Neem, Tulsi and mangroves. BUT, again we are not willing to IDEATE, INNOVATE to protect it. (we are relying on developed world to do that for us) , Indian Americans will contribute and we will add it our Glory board.
ENERGY, COMMUNICATION: A proud record from past: most efficient mode of sending message was used in India, by Ala-ud-din Khilji (using human messengers carrying message between certain fixed points), But what about this century?
·         With sadness and great respect for Indian innovators at IIT and other revered institute I say, they will begin their learning on Indian soil, but quote lack of opportunities and--then develop in foreign lands.
·         I have nothing to say about Indian railways, Indian roads or present my views on China-Nepal corridor that will dump more Chinese goods into this consumer subcontinent.
·         TESLA, elon musk is the man of this decade; he will be giving world efficient and clean road transport. This subcontinent who will be consuming cars, due to rise in standard of living is least concerned about innovations and need to make it clean and efficient.
A lot more to quote, but this is enough to ponder on MASALA NEWS that we are consuming, the debates on MASALA topics and protest on street for/against such MASALA issue.
Enjoy your MASALA tea, with vada or samosa but next time when you see someone talking about religion, conversions and hinduatava, just inform him/her about how he/she is being manipulated/converted every second by social networking websites. Someone of this era should be more worried about being used as Guiney pig for experiments and surveys by DATA miners, and impact of such conversions, cyber-ideologies than about Idols or Books based idiosyncrasies. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Chapter :If you think you are in it, drop her a mail

It has been almost a decade, I have not heard from her. The profiles at social networks were replaced with a notification that user no longer exists; the mail account was terminated, on the Christmas a decade back. The reds were replaced with black in her life and dreams were avoided by sleeping pills. This is all I know about her, as I imagined from her last letter to me saying “Chapter of my life, my city of love: Over.” I knew she will never be coming back to this part of world. I am writing this mail to you all, with hope that someday you all will see it. I am Zaania, The doctor and the psychiatrist of our Tiya.
That night, of January when I had seen her for first time she was all quiet, in her eyes there was not something I would say a bride’s fear. It was a fear of losing and that fear made her speak in front of that old man. She could not take vows, rather collapsed. She was brought to that city hospital, neither self-poisoned, nor heart attack but , She was in comatic state. I was asked to measure her blood pressure, monitor her cardiac pulses and do regular check ups. She stayed same, until somebody came to see her. He came an year later, he was trying to show her something, he kept on saying his story, telling her, shown her some pictures. I was not allowed to see that. He got just one rose for her, and a thank you card. I had seen tears in the eyes of my patient; It rolled down and died on her cheeks. Her lips showed movements as if they expected something, or just wish to say ….. ( I can not read her).
She continued to be same, Until It was Christmas, and my daughter jolly wished to be santa claus, So I took her all dressed to see my patients, We had plans after that. She got gifts for everyone, and Tiya got a nescafe with a dairy milk. She forced her to eat and I monitored tiya’s heart beats. I never used to believe in miracle therapy for my patients, but she was a different case, I started getting coffee for her every morning, and one fine morning she sipped it; she started to recover, and her I became her close friend. I had once operated her mail account and unread mails from you all forced me to note down your contacts. She never spoke about anyone, she behaved as if she did not remember, I knew the truth.
A very fine day she demanded a cellphone and called few people, she did not spoke just listened, and then she was all ready to leave in a jetplane. I know she called you all, and she called him also, He came to see her off, and I had seen him into tears of a reason: reason of not being recognized. Her flite was indirect; the destination was not something everybody assumed it to be. She left us forever and all I had a letter “Chapter of my life, my city of love: Over.” It had two stories: story about a city, drives, pranks, friends and HIM and a story about a cup of coffee, a gift of chocolate and a palace of love.
Now I had seen her almost after a decade, and I know the game is over. She could not recall anything; she is just awake for a dream of YASHODHARA: a project about first women. She has created work for all, educations to girls and jobs for wives. Tomorrow she is handing it over to somebody else and this marks her end. I am just doing what I could; I am informing all the characters of her story as even I am not sure about the protagonist’s choice. If I will hear a reply from you I will tell where Our Tiya is, ? ? Drop me a mail if you think you are somewhere in her chapter of life.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Why is and why not it let it be the question now
Not any direction is safe, lets tie no expectations,
Rejoice moments are tinged with sadness, emotions Camouflaged
its neither elixir nor holy water, its venom let it flow
Why is and why not it let it be the question now
How those hands soaked in the blood, could decide fate
how they could confuse paranoid of future generations
they trying to stage a farce, so i say do not listen it
Why is and why not it let it be the question now
Each desire of theres' has given a flame to many homes,
neither they Compassionate the awakened soul, nor pleased the mind.
they themselves have sown seeds,AND graced these treacherous wounds
try not to highlight them ever, these scars are mine itself,
Just let me bear them...
Why is and why not it let it be the question now

Thursday, January 13, 2011

THE RING....and i could never reach the beginning or end

sitting below the lamp post, zaania was struck amid the thoughts in her mind... her mind speaks!
the ring leaves an impact on my mind, the geometric figure used for innumerable derivations , a object used by gymnasts to amaze the crowd. to a girl its a dream , a trust ,and an object enough to produce a gamut of imaginations, she prefers to keep the ring as memento on her finger to flaunt ofcourse.

why m i thinking about ring, when its all absolute zero,even temperature around tending towards it. among all zeros there is large probability of me to starve , this very thought drifted me to a class full of future budding engineers and me too part of crowd physically! . i was thinking about all delicacies which i could get if i allow myself to loosen my wallet a bit, but i decided to back to mess and swallow whatever possible.then get back to cozy castle made up of blankets and let sleep dominate me. the songs might work as a lullaby to me, or few emails could motivate me to stop moving with flow and ...........

The imagination in mind started with just a ring and it seems never ending now, as if its radius in approaching infinity and i will never be able to catch beginning or end point again.
i still feel like looking up and imagine instead of ceiling the bright blue sky and the winds drifting me on my choice as if somebody has given me wings unable to carry me in his arms. there was all silence around, and whatever i was speaking was echoing with absolute probability and no dissipation. i feel like plucking few starts and wearing them as pendant or just put a Saturn ring around my fingers... the whole scenario was appearing so much fictional but very true...

i feel like painting on the canvas of sky picking colors from rainbow pallets or just pen down my heart for the angel as if its last time i could .......

Suddenly it seemed to me as if i had reached the other end of the ring , and i could hear echoing cries , shrill voices full of pain. lamp post was thrashed to the ground, undelivered mails were scattered around the remains of post box.
i was not able to touch it... my eyes passed by a baby lying very near my arms , looking towards me with weary eyes, unable to cry even..
the colours around me were now black Grey...and red splashed all over. i tried to touch the baby , but it didn't worked i was gone... along with hundreds of them i too lost the battle of life..or i was just kicked out of the ring without any reason.hell or heaven? whats next!
it was easy for almighty to decide this for me,but how will he be deciding this for the baby ,who could just speak a word "mumma".
was it all destined for us, the we will never reach the beginning or end this way!
why few people took liberty of taking our green and blue from us....

Sunday, November 21, 2010


There is a lake behind the castle...
A tree beside,with ripe coconuts and
The love bird's twitter...
A loud chat or sometimes quiet murmur...
its all on moon's mood..,
to make the water wander...
Sometimes its flow of love,
castle windows cry and shiver...

The broken leaves, flowing with quiet water..
Seems like boats to heaven, waiting for their rower..
The golden tinge on the blue..or
silver sparkle over the black..
seems like..complete bridal dress...
waiting for their lover...

The spider webs round the window pane ,
over the years have faded the view...
The door now faces the giant towers miles away.....
Moon lost its praise,sun seems there in anger
The castle still lies in midway, waiting for the owner...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LONELY and in despair...

lonely it was when i first saw it,
on the middle of the road :in its despair
i doubt if anyone has ever looked at it
but there it laid in its despair

no one ever knew how lonely it was
no one ever understood the agony of its tears
people just stare at it and whisper a song;
the song of curse that made its echo everywhere

if i could find a way out for you,
i could have done it long before my dear
but i am also a scarlet letter like you
where no one likes to writes anything on.

the songs of loneliness is all that i can sing,
for its all what is striking the roof of my heart
the lonely soul which beats for nothing
and nothing can find its way to it

Friday, August 6, 2010

IT goes on!

That was the time, silence crawled in..
Darkness was prevailing all around....
Shivering toes creeping on the ground
looking for the eyes,that were lost....
Never to be found.....

A blank dream it was..and it went on..
She stumbled..but goes on..
To be lost in woods forever,
Never to be found.....

So soothing was her face..words like enchantments ..full of grace!
no veil to hide fear could touch her...
She was pure as white..
redness splashed her forehead, bangles churrned!

silence was hurdled in the dreams..
cries resonated with the darkness..
And it goes on...

A smile was lost never to be found!
A blank dream..that was her fate forever..
Reason behind, locked in records..
A reason never to be found!

And it goes on...

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