Sunday, December 28, 2008

reason for terrorism

Yesterday before sleeping,
I face the fire,the canons the thunder,
Though it was miles away from me,
Stil tat sounds lasted whole night wth me.
The cries of human,
The echos of war weapon,
The sounds indiacting tat world is divided,Its no longer the beautiful earth ,wch god creatd.
Wats reson behind this disater
I saw in dream ,and realisd
yes we are respnsbl fr this pity mater.
we se the child wth wth no cloths satnding in thunder
A car of miloniare pases by the child ,falshing the dark world...for a moment,
showing tat u hav to liv in dark forever.
that child had faced all weathers of sevnten years in this situation.
this is nt scenario of nly few nation.
he has jst lrnt to snatch and eat,to sneer and beat..
butA day he gt his belly full
once in his lf tm he felt so good
he robed a milionarie.

so he diceds to hold a gun,
and get his share frm the othr peers,
he ws untraind ,so he look fr teacher
those were inhumans
,u usd him for creating religion fear,
he ws cheatd,
stl he cdnt realisd as frst time evr in life ,
he ws feeded
this deloped in his mind the passion,to kil
and feed him
bcoz hes also one of gods creatn.
He ws the on streets with granite
kiling as many men as he mite,
no fear in his mind,bcoz hes now blind
but whos respnsibl fr this situtn

try,it out
i think
i hav givn u reason..?????????

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