Wednesday, December 30, 2009

welcome 2010

As the day ends,
new year comes with ,its full charm
but today think upon
how much u have gained,how much spend
in the year which gonna end!

how much resolutions did u break,
and in what u get a ravishing break,
how many hands cam fr Ur support,
how many have u to hold,

not to b a pessimist
still want to remind
sun will rise in its fix time
24 hrs wont exceed
and how could u say ,this year u gonna succeed

change yourself the time pass
cos this year is also gonna pass

wish others a merry day
but stop wishing tat u 39+ so gonna marry today
cos years changing..bringing lucky charm

wanna remind
years passing telling!!
other too also NT gonna last long
so plan up
as long as u live

some might have last year of life
and some gonna get new life!
but finally
change Ur calendar
welcome 2010

Search with google ,if you can't find it here.. (google angel helps u)