Wednesday, January 6, 2010


He used to live in plot beside my house. He had sort of temporary house. He, his four sisters and their parents were the only human beings in that house. But that house was really a Biodiversity hot spot. It didn't had any bee, bear or butterfly but was also home of several mosquitoes, flies, earthworms and almost every insect that could survive in sub tropical type climate. This house was just strong enough to tolerate the first moderate shower of monsoon. Every evening he used to come out to play Gilli Danda. Even I play Gilli Danda but I do that only on my PS2.It was a really nice experience to watch the game in real world. But I never tried to play that game myself in this world. The virtual world of PS2 can never be compared with real world. In real world there are many more complications and bindings involved. He was a good player. He had a wooden bat. I don't know from where he got that piece of wood but that was really perfect for gilli danda.He was almost unbeatable at this sports. He was perhaps the true sports man as he didn't played for lure of money but did so only because he liked to do so.

I don't know much about him, but that was only because I never really bothered to know about him. Among the few things that I knew about him was that his mother smoked and his father was a ricshaw puller. No one in my family ever noticed him. Actually I think no one in the whole world had ever noticed him. He was too ordinary to get noticed by anyone.

He appeared to be 4-5 years old but several times I saw much elderly kind of expressions on his face. He had an unusual face that used to be decorated will mud. People from his house were very open minded. They used to bath at the nearest divider. But I never saw that child bathing. He used to wear a brown pant and like all cartoon characters he never changed his clothes. Maybe he had several similar looking pants in his Elmira. But he was too poor to have an Elmira. But he had a unusual spark in eyes. Once i felt like offering a hug as it was too cold and I was shivering because of cold in spite of my two jackets and a woolen Scarf.

On one very cold day I opened my TV and became aware that whether was cold from several reports on different channels. I saw on IndiaTV that MAHA-vinash was near. Their reporter said this in his usual unUsual manner. News flashed that my city welcomed the coldest new year of decade. So I decided to feel the Himalayan chilling winds as a challenge took tea in my hands and marched towards roof of my house. Then I looked down. Every thing was same but he was not in the streets. I tried to look for him but couldn't find him. I never saw him again but the next day I saw his wooden bat near my house. That bat was perhaps thrown by his parents as now there was no one to play with it. Another child picked up his bat from their and became happy with on his new discovery and walked away with that bat.

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