Monday, January 4, 2010


He used to live in plot beside my house.Every evening he used to come out to play.I don't

know much about him,but only one thing that his mother smokes.My mom used to enjoy watching

him play.She called him Gopal(childhood name of Lord Krishna).Dirt round his face but spark

in eyes.Once i felt like offering a hug , as it was too cold and I was shivering because in-spite of my two jackets and a woolen scarf.The most amazing thing about him was his

appearance,Height three feet 2 inch,wearing brown half pant,which wasn't changed from

months.(At least since when I was observing him)

(now the story about him is actually the thought in readers mind that will arise after going

through the following lines.)
News flashed that my city welcomed the coldest new year of decade.So I decided to feel the

Himalayan chilly winds as a challenge took tea in my hands and marched towards roof of my

house.Then I looked down.Every thing was same as last winter except that it was evening time

and there was no Gopal enjoying on the streets.I tried to look for him but couldn't find

him.Again I wished to hug him once..... AND STORIES IN MY MIND FOLLOWED...

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