Tuesday, January 13, 2009

see ....CANT U.........

I am dying,
lost and remembering,
the way we laughed,
Pearls in my eyes,are even lost.
You know ,i am trying ,
to get over.
But can't stop crying.
i had only few,
& lost two.
How to get back,
I know its hurting,
The way I had been mistreating..
wanna live all alone.
cry for what i had done.
You know am dying.
can't stop crying....
You know i am searching,
i am searching.
in my treasure,
two lost gems...
whom I supposed,
were mine forever..
But I lost,
Am missing it all,
You know am dying...
need a chat,
even though small,
I need you afterall,
look at me,
Am dying
for u both,am crying.

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