Sunday, January 25, 2009



I once was ruffling history of my land
now Independent,half century back a slave
I stand on history's corner on land ruled by whites
I face the green where freedom rings in silence to the ear
But the bell tolls daily in the minds of those who want to hear.

In the chambers of meeting place, fifty years ago
Words of strong debate from chambers overflowed
my land was divided and a portrait finely etched
And the face of freedom's guarantee on parchment had been sketched

I recalled the arguments, I heard the strong debate
I shed a tear of joy when they discussed the people's fate
They granted all a freedom that nobody could refute
finally our leaders gave,
The right to speak what they believed was granted absolute

It is a freedom that's denied to millions on this earth
Yet many here still don't appreciate its' golden worth
For every freedom guaranteed, there rests a certain trust
In the right of conscience, right of thought, to say the things we must

Every day the tourists come, to visit taj
To hear the words of great indian rulers on the echo off the walls
They glance out the beauty of the villages still green
Some understand the magnitude of all that they have seen

but, that beuty has degraded and that land abused,
From one without a conscience, where his freedom is misused

But yet between the lines of freedom, tolerance is clear
Sometimes we listen to the things we never want to hear
Then anger and mistrust arise within the murky mist
Of one who utters or displays what principles resist

but the rulers stil have conscience to which they attest
believing, just turn your back and silently protest

as silence speaks the loudest as it echoes what is real

There is another boundary that blows in freedom's air
That does not allow the right to speech that cause s one's despair
The law will call to justice, the one who oversteps
The line of freedom's limits with the weight of ignorance

For if we waqnt,we could retaliate
As ghosts of freedom argue in the favor of nations fate
my land hear his name be mentioned as deserving to developed
For "every individual" in this land equally held.

here every pen is free to write the thoughts within his soul
And every soul is free in seeking knowledge as his goal

I stand on history's corner, a building with a name
Where could galnce shattered window pane
And realize every eyes are gazing through the very glass
Of eyes that once looked out as well in shadows of the past

Come here to see where freedom's voice was duly given birth
Come here to understand the measure of your voice's worth

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