Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Why is and why not it let it be the question now
Not any direction is safe, lets tie no expectations,
Rejoice moments are tinged with sadness, emotions Camouflaged
its neither elixir nor holy water, its venom let it flow
Why is and why not it let it be the question now
How those hands soaked in the blood, could decide fate
how they could confuse paranoid of future generations
they trying to stage a farce, so i say do not listen it
Why is and why not it let it be the question now
Each desire of theres' has given a flame to many homes,
neither they Compassionate the awakened soul, nor pleased the mind.
they themselves have sown seeds,AND graced these treacherous wounds
try not to highlight them ever, these scars are mine itself,
Just let me bear them...
Why is and why not it let it be the question now


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