Saturday, March 7, 2009

i love,i dream

There is something which i dream,
u come from bak,hold me tight
saying "love u sweetheart,neednt fright".
though i cant sing,still i murmur
latest releases,or songs for lovers.
i feel too happy,imagining u expressing your love,
we sharing choclates,
or having ice cream from ur hand.

i love those moments,
when u look into my eyes,and feel proud
knowing that nly u reside.

i wish u treat me as lady of ur life.

i love those moments,when u cal me late night
waking me fom slep, giving resons that
mosquitoes in ur room dont let u dream.
then u laugh,
i know u miss me alot
oh my love!!

you waiting for me,with wet rose in ur hands,
or saying "i love you" at parking stand.
your sms during lectures,frequently vibrate my bench,
i love when friends say me
"m a luky gal"

i love when u read an xtra topic to help me out,
or when u attend my cal, with friends around.

i love the way we plan love many a times,
and i tease u by telling number of kids i desire.

i wish those moments when u hold my hand,
or plan out surprizes,during moments we spend.

i dream a day when u came riding on white horse,
giving me....
(only angel know the way..this dream goes on..)

i wish that u love me forever the way
u love me now

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